Legionella Risk Assessment

Is Your Business Compliant with ACoP L8

Legionella Risk Assessment

McAndrew Plumbing specialise in providing high quality, easy to understand legionella risk assessments for a wide range of water systems.

McAndrew Plumbing have over 25 years experience and are specialists in water hygiene and legionella control. All legionella risk assessments are carried out by fully qualified and experienced water hygiene engineers.

We carry out legionella risk assessments on any size building requiring water hygiene services. Our clients include health care premises, dental surgeries, schools and child care premises, offices, student accommodation and care homes.

As part of our legionella risk assessment we will :

  • Identify and inspect your water systems
  • Provide full schematic diagrams and asset registers
  • Conduct a legionella risk survey
  • Recommend and prioritise corrective actions to eliminate or reduce the risk
  • Provide a full written report which is easy to understand
  • Clearly state in the Executive Summary what you need to do to control and prevent legionella in your workplace.